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XBox One: Project Scorpio – What do we know about the new XBox One yet to be released?

As we all know Playstation Pro will be released on November 10th but Microsoft, not to be outdone, is coming out with a better and updated console as well codnamed Project Scorpio.  No, not the Simpsons character though, an XBox One with a flamethrower would be bad ass.

XBox One: Hank Scorpio

XBox One: Hank Scorpio

Not a whole lot is known about Project Scorpio but here is what we do know:

Though no price has been given Microsoft has tried to give hints that have left me, and many others, confused as hell.  “So you can see the price of the S today. When we designed both of these, which we kind of designed it in parallel, we thought about the price performance of what we wanted to hit with the Scorpio, relative to what we were going to be able to do with the S.  So that we would have a good price continuum, so people wouldn’t look at these two things as so disconnected because of the price delta.  So I think you will feel like it’s a premium product, a premium console. And not something, anything more than that.  So I wouldn’t get people worried that this thing is going to be unlike any console price you’ve ever seen. We didn’t design it that way.  That said, the opening price point for the Xbox One S, and the different hard drive sizes, that is a critical part of this whole product. When I think about it as a product line, you should expect the pricing to kind of be in line with that.”

Now, I know most people who read this don’t speak English as a 1st or even 2nd language but let me clarify what this says “We’re going to be charging a lot but we’re going to release different sized hard drives on various models so that it doesn’t look like we’re going to cost you your first born.  It will, however, cost you your first born.”  It took me reading this a dozen times to see what they’re trying to tell you is that it’s going to be expensive but they’re going to use clever marketing to make it seem like a great deal.  It is being sold as “The most powerful console ever”… until 2 years from now when we come out with another.  The last part added by me, not Microsoft.  The rumored prices are A 500 GB Xbox One Project Scorpio with a free FIFA 17 game will only be $249 (550TND). Upgrading it to 1TB willcost $299 (660TND). The PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB, on the other hand, is $349 (770TND) without anything bundled with it.

It will, however, be more powerful than the PS4 Pro which would make sense as it’s coming to market after the Pro.  It will provide 6 teraflops of graphical power which is 5 times more powerful than what the XBox One can do now.  It will support VR, 4k and HD BluRay which the PS4 Pro will not have for some weird unexplained reason.  It will also have backwards compatibility with all games which the PS4 Pro has only promised “Most” at best.  All XBox One games will work on the Project Scorpio console but Microsoft was unclear if it would have any exclusive and said “That would be up to the developers”.

When it comes to VR, Microsoft has no headset of its own (for now) but the Oculus and HTC Vive will probably be supported as the XBox is built by Microsoft with similar architecture as Windows which does support these VR headsets.  I wouldn’t be too shocked to see Microsoft come out with it’s own VR (similar to what Sony is doing) but I would imagine that Vive would continue to dominate the landscape in the foreseeable future.  It’s unclear right now what graphics processor that will be used but it will be an AMD and will probably keep using the Jaguar architecture as they have already said it will not use the Zen core.

Stay tuned for information as it will be posted here as it’s released…

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