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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 7 Review and Recap

spoilers through season 7 of ‘The Walking Dead’ follow

After giving us six characters centered episode, The Walking Dead breaks from the usual pattern and gives us an episode that combines several storylines. So was ditching this pattern enough to improve the quality of the content of this walking dead season? And did they succeed at this change?

Well, while I believe that this new pattern can work great with three or four storylines, the creator went too far by choosing over six storylines. In fact this episode focused on so many characters that it ended up causing another sort of problem: incoherence. To put this in perspective let me show you how many storylines the show revealed: Michone, Jesus, Carl and Negan ,Darryl, Rick and Aaron, Rosita and Eugene, Spencer, and a few scenes with Dwight and Sherry. Yes, that’s a lot. Furthermore, in order to accommodate to this change the episode had to be an hour-long instead of the usual 42 min which left us a bit exhausted the end of it.



We watch Michone creating a roadblock with walkers and capture one of The Saviors to take her to Negan. In order to do this, she kills a dozen of zombies and places them on the road.

Aaron and Rick go out scavenging. They find on their way to camp a lake filled with zombies with all the supplies they need right inside the lake.

Spencer and Father Gabriel drive together and Spencer debates Rick’s leadership. Father Gabriel gives him a killer line saying ‘What you’re saying doesn’t make you a sinner, but it does make you a tremendous shit’, then leaves to go back to the camp on foot. Spencer later on finds a zombie attached to a tree with a note written in Latin that leads him to a buried treasure of supplies. Spencer plans to give it to Negan.

Rosita and Eugene go to the place where Eugene had planned to make bullets and Eugene says that he doesn’t want to make bullet now and Rosita gives him one of the best speeches of the episode saying ‘You don’t know anything, you don’t do anything,  You’re a coward. You’re weak. The only reason you’re alive is because you lied and because people feel sorry for you. So for once, do something useful. Make me a bullet’. She later apologizes but Eugene refuses to accept her apologies saying that she doesn’t mean it.

Jesus jumps off the truck after Carl fools him that he will follow his lead. We also see that he did use maple syrup to trial to the road to the Savior’s camp.

We rarely see Daryl in this episode. Only in a few scenes while Negan was playing his game with Carl. We also see him toward the end of the episode in his cell as he takes a note with the words ‘go now’ written on it and some sort of key with it. I expect that this note was from Sherry as it has a pretty feminine handwriting on it.

We then follow Carl who goes to Negan‘s camp and kill off a couple of saviors right when he gets off the truck. He loses his weapon quickly and gets captured. We then follow him in his day with Negan being Negan. He brags and makes jokes and shows off his group of wives and asks Carl to sing him a song after making him take off the bandage off his eye and joking about how disgusting it looks. This brings us the title of the episode ‘sing me a song’. He also melts a guy’s face with an iron in front of everybody because this guy slept with one of his wives. We watch Negan give a couple of speeches too and Carl quietly watching with his lonely eye. They later go to Alexandria looking for Rick who isn’t there and Negan once again jokes about Olivia being fat and proposes to sleep with her afterward while they are waiting for Rick to come back .  Carl also gives Negan a tour of the house and naturally discovers Judith.



While I’m glad I didn’t have to watch an entire hour with Rosita and Eugene trying to make bullets, this episode suffered in different ways. What I would change would be to take off some of the storylines of this episode and add them to last weeks Tara‘s episode like Rick and Aaron or Rosita and Eugene since they didn’t interact with other characters in the first place.

Overall this episode was a relief compared to this season’s slow and repetitive pattern. I am happy they finally got back to talking about many storylines rather than one but I must admit that I want to watch more of Carol and Maggie as well as King Ezekiel and his kingdom which we only had one episode for.

I am looking forward to next week’s episode ‘heart still beating‘ which concludes the first half of the seventh season. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments bellow.





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