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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 6 Review and Recap

spoilers through season 7 of ‘The Walking Dead’ follow

This week The Walking Dead offers us yet again a character centered episode. This time, we’re keeping the focus on Tara for the first time since her introduction back in season 4. After the show arguably tested our patience in the first 5 so-so episodes.  We really wonder “is there really any more room for another storyline?” and can Tara carry an entire episode?

The answer falls somehow between a definitely and a maybe.  In fact, it’s hard to argue the fan’s mixed feeling about season 7. However this episode was an overall pleasure compared to the last episode. It was neither an amazing episode nor a horrible one but still we got to see a fun and dynamic side of Tara that is very relatable and I feel for the first time, these storyline episodes, are needed.



This episode was built between two stories: the story of Heath and Tara while hunting for supplies and the story of Tara after losing Heath and her adventure with the new group.

This episode start with Tara laying on the beach passed out after being carried with the water. Two girls find her and one of them decides to kill her while the other stops her and takes Tara to a hidden place and gives her food, water and a weapon.

When Tara finally wakes up she decides to follow the girl who saved her secretly and she find their camp. A camp with only girls and women called Ocean Side. As she watches them to assure that they are no danger,Tara gets caught and gets attacked and ends up being saved yet again by the same girl that we discover is named Cyndie.

Tara tries to convince the group that she meant no harm and was just lost and looking for her friend Heath. They eventually agree to let her go with two of their members to escort her to the road. And as we expected, they end up wanting to kill her. As she tries to escape, Cyndie saves her yet again and shows her the right road to the bridge. She asks Tara to swear that she will not tell about Ocean Side to anybody which brings up the title of the episode Swear.

Now comes the story of Heath and Tara. We discover that while they were returning to Alexandria, they bumped into a horde of zombie over the bridge and this is where Tara, pushed by the walkers, falls from the bridge and is taken to Ocean Side. But when it comes to Heath, we last see him struggling to escape from the walkers.


Now that Tara has finally found her way to home, she tries to look for her friend but only end up finding clues about him like his glasses and a white plastic pad with “ppp” written on it. Tara finally makes it to Alexandria and discovers that her girlfriend Denise is dead.  It’s only here that we see all her positivity and her enthusiasm disappear as she’s faced with the ugly truth.

The episode ends with Rosita asking her if she knows a safe place to move to but Tara lies and keeps her promise to Cyndie.


This episode was a surprise. Nobody expected Tara to be a good stand alone character but we all loved her sense of humor and her light personality. However, I think the show should stop creating episodes focusing on one group or one character and should include episodes where we really have a taste of what’s happening overall.

The reason I say this is because the show is expanding their characters list and their camps and this makes it hard to keep up with the timeline of each. In fact many of us found ourselves questioning when are the events of this episode happening? And when I checked it seems that this was only two weeks after the death of Denise which was in season 6 episode 14. Meaning that the show has expanded a two weeks timeline in 8 episodes. This pattern that they are following is not working for most viewers that reclaim the pattern of the first seasons which was more time based rather than character based.


What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.


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