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Venom #2 (2016 – Costa Sandoval Almara) – Review

When we last left off with Venom he and Lee were leaving a trail of bodies behind them within just the first few pages.  This month, the body count is far lower but the action is still right on par.  Lee now has the briefcase from the transaction gone wrong in the alley and he’s now needing to decide what to do with it.  Returning it back to the rightful owner could lead to death.  Keeping it could mean a lot of money but could lead to death.  He could leave it but maybe the original owner thought he was part of the whole setup as he’s the only one to live and that could lead to,  you guessed it, death.  We get a guest appearance in this issue and man, is it going to be a sexy ride!

A bumpy one too as the alien that is Venom is none-too-thrilled with the choices Lee is making and is not one for killing random people so willingly.  He is trying to take over Lee’s mind but Lee isn’t your ordinary person off the street.  He’s trained in how to keep people out of his head.  The power struggle between the alien, Venom, living inside him and his ambition to become rich is going to make for some great story.  I mentioned this before but man, the artwork in this series is absolutely phenomenal.



Venom #2 Cover

Venom #2 Cover

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