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Update on Rick and Morty (Everything We Know About Season 3)

Ever since season 2 aired in October 2015, fans have been waiting impatiently for the third season of the sci-fi animated sitcom Rick and Morty. Recently the creators of the show have been teasing about this new season so here’s everything you need to know about it.

When is season 3 coming?                                                                                                           

In a post credit scene of season 2 finale, Mr. Poopy Butthole told us that season three wouldn’t be happening for another year and a half, meaning March 2017. However, Dan Harmon revealed during a panel in Magic City Comic Con that they’re targeting the end of 2016. In fact some Rick and Morty writers confirmed that all the episodes were completed as of Sept. 28th. But here we are at the end of year with not even a premiere date. So my best guess would be March 2017.

How many episodes in season 3?

Rick and Morty is notorious for having 21 min long episodes. Season 1 contained 11 episodes and season 2 followed with 10 more. When it comes to season three, Harmon confirmed in the same Magic City Comic Con panel that it is comprised of 14 episodes.

Season three teasers?

Few weeks ago, the creator released a bare bone teaser where we see a sausage shaped Rick fighting a gang of rats (video below ).

Earlier this month, a new teaser came out showing the same kind of animation but this time, we are following Morty as he approaches his crush Jessica and Rick as always spoils the moment.

So we know from these teasers that it is confirmed that Rick will not be in jail for season 3. In fact Harmon yet again confirmed that Rick will be escaping the prison as early as the first episode.

Any new characters?

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland did say that their dream guest star is going to be Vin Diesel (he plays D&D!).

There were also speculation on returning charters like Mr. Poopy Butthole and Mr. Meeseeks.

Final thoughts

I can’t wait for the third season of Rick and Morty to come out. It’s an inventive creative show that mocks properly all our everyday life with a wit and sarcastic sense of humor. I think the show has great potential and is definitely turing into one of the best animated sitcom.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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