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Transformers: The Last Knight – In Depth Review and Analysis

Generally the Transformers movies always seem to be incredibly predictable and easy to read. However it seems that Michael Bay may be throwing us a curveball this time around. The Last Knight trailer has quite a few elements that many speculators and fans have been breaking down and analyzing non-stop since the trailer’s release. So without further ado lets break this puppy down.

The trailer starts off with narration by Sir Anthony Hopkins. So if you still have a hankering for Hopkins talking about robots after the recent Westworld season finale, Transformers has got you covered. Throughout the beginning of the trailer we see quite a few scenes that seem to reach far back in time: Medieval cavalry men and archers, and Nazis hanging their swastika bearing flags on a public monument of sorts, some saying it may be the white house. These few details already lead us to believe that there may be some time travel or timeline alteration involved in the movie, although it may simply be a flashback.

Next we move to present times panning onto a dilapidated stadium and a little girl who appears on the cast as Izabella, played by Isabella Moner. More importantly however we are treated to the news that Optimus Prime, is no more with footage of him floating through space.

Moving on we see Cade Yeager kneeling in surrender to a couple of Jeeps. While Hopkins asks us if we would like to know why the Cybertronians are constantly coming to earth while a massive planet like structure closes in on the moon. Many have speculated that this may be Unicron, the giant planet eating transformer and during the very next shot we see massive pincers closing in on the earth’s surface.  Next we get an incredibly confusing shot of a two legged mech that is not a transformer being beaten to a pulp by Bumblebee. This may be another tie to the twisted timeline theory where Nazis may have risen to power and have harnessed transformer technology to create mechanical warriors to fight the rebelling transformers. We also finally get a shot of Megatron holding a sword. That may be the Star Saber from the Transformers cannon. Finally we catch a short glimpse of Optimus Prime attacking Bumblebee and Cade while asking them to forgive him, which means he is either being controlled or that he is not fighting for Earth anymore, but for Cybertron’s Existence.

You can watch the trailer below!

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