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Top 5 TV Shows You’re not watching – But you should be!

#1 People of Earth

This is one of my favorite new shows of 2016 and it’s easy to see why in the very first episode.  It stars Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show where he wrote 540 episodes), Oscar Nuñez (The Office), Nancy Lenehan (My Name is Earl, Married to the Kelleys, Worst Week), and Tracee Chimo (Orange is the New Black).  It is about a reporter who goes to a small town to follow up on people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.  These aliens range from “The Grays”, “The Lizard People”, and “The Whites”.  Unlike most sci-fi shows however, these aliens are far from super intelligent and at times, bicker and mock each other just as Earthlings would do.  The comedy is well timed and very off beat and I would highly recommend you watch it.  Season 1 just finished and each episode is about 22 minutes long.  With only 10 episodes in season 1, you can knock this out in the same time span as a Lord of the Rings movie.

#2 High Maintenance

What started as a wildly successful online series has made a debut on HBO this year.  This is a TV Show about a drug dealer simply known was “The Guy” (Ben Sinclair) who runs across an ever changing cast of unique customers and characters.  It intertwines the stories of some customers in a way that shows that something we do, or someone else does, can have an impact on us in a way we can’t see.  The customers and characters in the show are as unique and interesting, and sometimes weird, as we are and in a way it makes them very relatable.  I know that marijuana use is a bit of a touchy subject but, to me, this is simply a plot device used to tell the stories of people he interacts with.

#3 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

So what happens when your life is not where you want it to be?  You run across an old love from summer camp and realize that you’ve made choice you were SUPPOSED to make not what you WANTED to make?  Well, you quit your high profile job, move across country to a tiny little town because that’s where he lives, and you sing.  A lot.  Now, I’m not one for musicals but this show is very different with a great concept and the songs don’t feel forced.  They are quite funny, in fact, and add a little spice to an already great show.  There are only halfway through season 2 now so you can be caught up in no time.  The great thing is, the episodes are 40+ minutes but you don’t realize just how long they are as the story is completely engrossing.

#4 The Last Man on Earth

An unknown plague has hit Earth and it’s killed everyone off.  What do you do?  If you said “Steal cars and live in the White House” then you may relate to this show.  This VERY dark comedy show is of a man who is the last man on Earth after an apocalyptic like plague and he’s setting off across the country (and back and then across again, then back again) to try to find anything still alive other than him.  They just wrapped up season 3 but the episodes are short as well as the seasons.  I can’t recommend this show enough.  It has a great sense of humor but when I say the show can get dark, i mean, it gets down right depressing.  Season 1 and Season 2 has a 50/50 mixture of darkness and sadness but season 3, it’s far closer to 90% darkness, 5% comedy and 5% downright depressing.  The show will be coming back for a 4th season so don’t worry, no unsolved cliffhangers yet!

#5 Legends of Tomorrow

Set in the same world as The Flash and Arrow this is a show about a group of superheroes who need to set out to save humanity by traveling back in time.  Starring Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) as Rip Hunter the Captain of the time ship.  With him is Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) as Mick Rory/HeatwaveWentworth Miller (Prison Break) as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, and Caity Lotz (Arrow, Flash) as Sara Lance/White Canary as well as many more.  It’s a show with a fantastic story that tries to stay away from as many cliches as possible but keeps the action coming at an incredible pace without being overdone.  I know that Flash is the big show on The CW right now, since Arrow has tanked recently, but this is by far my favorite show on the channel now.  If you’re into Comic Books, you will not be disappointed.  The great thing is, there are several tie-ins with The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl which makes the show that much better.  Be warned however, that sometimes, if you aren’t up to date on the others, major storylines could get spoiled for you, which kind of sucks.

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