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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 8 Review and Recap

spoilers through season 7 of ‘The Walking Dead’ follow

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was the one truly good episode that we had ever since the premiere of season 7. ‘Heart still beating’ was the highpoint of this season without a doubt. Not only does it succeeds at bringing all the cast together effectively but it also has meaningful content; something that we missed a lot this season.

Repeating last week’s pattern, this midseason finale was also an hour-long but I must say that on the opposite of last week, I did not feel lost or bored in the middle of the show. In fact although there wasn’t an extreme action scene going on we still got enough excitement and satisfaction.


We continue with Rick and Aaron right where we finished last week. We see them trying to cross the lake full of zombies in order to bring some supplies. After a bit of struggling they end up collecting what they need.

Daryl escapes quite easily I must say. No one seems to see him and even the guard tells him that he will let him go and that there was no need for a conflict. Daryl doesn’t listen to him and kills him violently by smashing his head with a metal stick. I was a little bit disappointed at how trouble-free this escape was. After all what Daryl been through, I was hoping for a bit more challenging getaway. Regardless, Daryl finally escaping from the saviors was a satisfying moment in this episode. He then meets with Jesus who takes him to Hilltop.

Back in Alexandria, Father Gabriel tries to put some sense into Rosita convincing her not to kill Negan alone. Negan, on the other hand, is having spaghetti with Carl and Olivia who is babysitting Judith.

After flirting with Rosita and inviting her to dinner, Spencer decides to talk to Negan. He expresses his disapproval of Rick’s leader position and offers himself as a replacement. Negan accuses Spencer of having no guts and cuts his belly open spilling all of its content ‘oh there they are’ he jokes. Rosita tries to shoot Negan but instead hits Lucille. Raged by this attempt of murder, Negan wants to know how they made bullets. Rosita tells him that she did it but Negan refuses to believe her. In the attempt of knowing who made these bullets he kills Olivia and threatens to kill more if no one spoke. Eugene finally comes forward and admits that he made the bullet.

Rick and Aaron finally arrive in Alexandria. When Rick finds this mess, he gets angry at Negan reminding him that they had a deal. This is when Negan tells Rick that he A) brought Carl home even though he tried to machine-gun him and B) killed the guy who was trying to get Negan to kill Rick. Rick backs off and lets Negan go away taking with him Eugene.

Michone reunites with Rick and convinces him that he must do something about what’s happening. The duo goes to Hilltop with Rosita, Carl, and Tara where they see after a long separation, Enid, Sasha, Maggie and Daryl.

It is so satisfying to see this group together, determined to beat Negan and get over with this situation.

The only member missing is Carol who is back at the Kingdom. One of the Kingdom’s lieutenants tries to convince Carol and Morgan to make Ezekiel attack Negan. He doesn’t have much success in this and was left with Carol repeating that she just wanted to be alone. I honestly don’t like where Carol’s character is moving. Remember when Carol was the most badass character on The Walking Dead. Yeah, well now she just wants to be alone in the house that was giving to her, eating all the food that was provided for her and not contributing in any way to the community.


Overall I thought this episode was a great comeback from the boring, predictable plots that we had for the last couple of months.

I am excited to see where our group of zombie survivors would do in their mission to destroy Negan and the survivors. This midseason finale sets a nice ground to the second half of season 7 that will air in February 12 2017. What did you think of this first half of the season ? Let us know in the comments below.




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