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The American Nightmare, Purge and Make America Great Again

“Blessed be our new founding fathers and America… A nation reborn, may God be with you all”. With the end of the TV broadcast, starts the annual 12 hours act of the “purge”, an exertion of slaughtering and butchering, a sanction that has been voted on by the new Founding Fathers in order to restore economic and social balance to US.
Written and directed by James DeMonaco, the American dystopian horror movies drew a cryptic vicious image of the hidden side of the American society. The first movie entitled “The purge” of the “American nightmare” trilogy, hit the US box-office chart in the summer of 2013 as one of the best horror, sci-fi, and thriller movie and was a huge success as a low budget movie that made nearly 80 million dollars, surpassing the 10 million dollar production budget.


v1The first movie was soon followed by two other sequels that even increased its success and made the title the talk of many reviewers, journals, and media. The first sequel “The Purge: Anarchy” was released worldwide on July 18, 2014 and made 110 million dollars and surpassed the rating of the first movie. The third movie was release on the 1st of July, 2016 under the title “The Purge: Election Year” and was also a successful sequel to the last two movies.
The first movie’s events takes place in the US on the day of the “annual purge” which occurs on the 21st to 22nd of March between 7pm and 7am. This sanction was sought by what they call the Founding Fathers of America which is some sort of ruling counsel, the supreme political constitution of the US, as way or a solution to the corrupted state of the country caused by the devastation of violence and crimes due to the fall of the economy. In the 12 hours of the purge, all illegal activity are permitted including killing and vandalism, while medical emergency services and hospitals are unavailable.

The level 10 government officials have some sort of immunity, a prerogative that prohibits any assault on those officials which is clearly a political power practice of the oligarchy that will do whatever it takes to keep that ultimate power just to themselves and maintain the control over the whole nation.
The first movie plot is about a family who found itself surrounded by a group of masked assailants threatening to kill them if they do not surrender the men who sought refuge into the family’s house. The first movie clearly represents a manhunt similar to the ones once made by the Klu Klux Klan extremists that represent what they call “White supremacy”.
The second movie plot, which take place on March 23rd, 2023, is simply about a mix of a lunatic and insane acts of killing caused by various reasons such as vengeance, hatred, and simply entertainment, in addition to the first appearance of the death squads which are under the authority of the Founding Father and dispatched to increase the killing rate when the rate is low.

the-purge-2013-movie-title-bannerThe third movie plot is 18 years after the first commencement of the “purge” sanction, riots and anti-purge movements are moving against the authority. A new senator is sided with the purge victims to win their support and afterwards the presidential election so she can abolish the psychotic sanction. The third movie can be considered as a sign or some sort of message to the American citizens to remind them of the good choices that they must take in order to live in prosperity. Especially when it is a crucial time for the USA that will decide the country’s future.
Between the fanaticism, the unveiled primeval barbaric nature of humanity, and the political corrupted society, the purge trilogy have succeeded to perfectly draw the image that shamelessly describes the pitiful state that we live in and, ironically, the result of thousands of years of evolution.

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