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The Night Of: Review

The Night Of is an American drama miniseries by HBO. It is an eight-part series based on the famous BBC series Criminal Justice. It tells the story of a college student, Nasir Khan ( Riz Ahmed), who is accused of murdering a girl he slept with and the struggle he went through to prove His innocence .

The Night Of

The Night Of

The Night Of took crime series’ to another level. It has moved from being a casual crime drama series to something more deep.  About the randomness of justice, the Islamophobia that spread in recent years, and how a prison can affect one’s self and turn him into another person. 

But from the beginning, The Night Of thrived on the strength of its actors who displayed an amazing performance.  Especially from John Turturro, as expected, who played the role of  the lawyer who defended Nasir. Also Riz Ahmed who explored the painful evolution of his character.

Overall, The Night Of looks really astonishing and with amazing directing,  the New York sphere that added a special taste, and an amazing soundtrack, made the ride more enjoyable.


-Written by: Amuro Sellami

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