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December 27, 2016

Rogue One: Star Wars Story : Shut up and take my money (Spoilers Inside)

Warning: Spoilers!!!

It has been a year since the release of the last star wars movie, The Force Awakens. Yet at last, Rogue One : Star Wars Story, the December 2016 spin-off, has been officially released. The movie takes place inside the storyline between the third movie Revenge of the Sith and the 4th movie New Hope. The spin-off has brought a lot of attention around it, mainly because of the completely new cast as well as new characters.



Released on  14th of December 2016, “Rogue One : a Star Wars Story” is already toping the box office with $357 million . The movie’s rating of 8.3/10 on IMDB and  84% on Rotten [...]

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December 16, 2016

Wolf’s Rain – Review

Wolf’s Rain is a 26-episode, and 4 OVAs, anime series, created by Keiko Nobumoto (who helped screen-write Cowboy Bebop and Tokyo Godfathers), directed by Tensai Okamura and produced in late 2002 by the studio Bones, then in January 2003. Later adapted in a manga by the same creator following a slightly different plot. Wolf’s Rain follows the story of a white wolf named Kiba on his quest for paradise, yep, the paradise, a.k.a Rakuen.  How poetic is that? But wait it gets more poetic.  His search can only be attained by finding a flower named Cheza who is the only guide to Rakuen. On his quest he joins up 3 other wolves, Tsume, Toboe and Hige, along with other supporting characters [...]

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December 15, 2016

Transformers: The Last Knight – In Depth Review and Analysis

Generally the Transformers movies always seem to be incredibly predictable and easy to read. However it seems that Michael Bay may be throwing us a curveball this time around. The Last Knight trailer has quite a few elements that many speculators and fans have been breaking down and analyzing non-stop since the trailer’s release. So without further ado lets break this puppy down.

The trailer starts off with narration by Sir Anthony Hopkins. So if you still have a hankering for Hopkins talking about robots after the recent Westworld season finale, Transformers has got you covered. Throughout the beginning of the trailer we see quite a few scenes that seem to reach far back in [...]

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December 15, 2016

Cowboy Bebop Anime: Review

Cowboy Bebop is a 26-episode anime produced by Studio Sunrise in 1998, created by the widely acclaimed director Shinichiro Watanabe. A manga written by Hajime Yatate and illustrated by Yutaka Nanten was released in the same year titles Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star and a movie followed them in 2001 created by Hajime Yatate, titled Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. This review will be concerning the animated series only.

Cowboy Bebop is set in a near futuristic universe, in the year 2071, where humanity has already colonized many planets due to the Earth becoming inhabitable. A set accentuated by the high tech machinery we witness throughout the series. The general theme [...]

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