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All Star 2016 event

Same as 2015 All-Star event, League of Legends is back with the 2016 All-Star event to bring life to the rift and gather all the fans once again before the new year.

If you haven’t heard of All-Star, well it’s basically a world-wide e-sport event similar to League of Legends Championship. Yet this one is more about fun than it is about competition. Fans from all around the world will be voting online to choose the players that will represent them in the tournament. These players will be playing in one of two teams, either Team Ice or Team Fire, and let me tell you, watching all your favorite-pro players play together in one team is so delightful and exciting at the same time. The voting for 2016 All-Star event has ended. You can find the results on the league of legends official website here.

You may ask “What makes the All Star event so popular and awaited for?” The answer is the FUN GAME MODES. In this event, teams play other modes than the conventional 5v5 summoner’s rift games, such as :

  • One For All Mode: In this mode all the five members of the team play the same champion.This makes place to some crazy Wombo-Combos.

Highlight One for All mode :

  • Tandem mode : In this mode two players play the same champion together, one controlling the mouse and the other controlling the keyboard. This mode is so fun to play with friends and hilarious to watch.

Highlight Tandem mode :

  • 1v1 mode : In this mode, the best pro-players of the world play against each other in 1 versus 1 match. This mode keeps everybody so excited to see who is going to emerge victorious from the battle.  Especially if your favorite player is the one playing.

Highlight 1v1 mode:

  • And more unconventional modes that turn the game into a fun game to play and entertaining to watch, especially with friends.

All-Stars event was created not only for competition, but also to remind fans and players, how fun playing league of legend can be. To wipe the unnecessary stress of winning games and prove that online gaming isn’t just about rage, and extreme competition, but it’s about friendship, about a collective passion, about being part of a big and diverse community. So be there this week, from the 8th to the 11th of December 2016, to watch the All-Star 2016 event live from Barcelona.

Schedule link :

To watch the online Stream check here :

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