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The first full trailer for Marvel’s Spiderman Homecoming has been released. With a little under two minutes, the trailer keeps things interesting without revealing too much. So here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming movie.

Starring Tom Holland as Spiderman, this actor was first introduced in Civil War where he teamed up with Iron Man. In fact, it seems that the creators of the movie seem to like seeing this duo together which is why we see a scene with Iron Man in this trailer.We see Tony Stark telling Spiderman that he is allowed to keep the costume that he created and explaining to him his role saying ‘just don’t do anything I would do, and definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t do there’s a little grey area in there and that s where you operate’ . He then proceeds to explain to him that he isn’t an avenger and that he is still not ready to be one yet.

In later scene we see Peter Parker expressing his dislike in the way Tony Stark is treating him saying ’I’m sick of him treating me like a kid …this is my chance to prove myself’ and this is where the plot of the movie seems to be:  Spiderman proving that he is capable of being an avenger.

After this, the tone of the trailer changes to a more serious one with dramatic music and a lot of action scenes. We also get a glimpse of Michael Keaton saying ‘don’t mess with me because I will kill you and everyone that you love ‘.The trailer ends with Iron Man and Spiderman flying together as if the creator wanted to tell us that we will see more of this duo.We also see a lot of new things to Spiderman like the fact that he can move his eyes and glide.







Expected to premiere on July 7 2017, the trailer of this movie is the third that Marvel has released for their 2017 movies with Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 coming respectively in March and April. Another avenger’s member that has movie in 2017 is Thor with a release in October. What do you think of this trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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