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A special review: Christopher Nolan the magician behind camera

Art, in its essential definition, is nothing but a simple motley projection of the scattered shreds of the artist’s soul. When we talk about art, we must first mention names before the masterpieces. When we talk about painting we must first bring names such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, etc. When we talk about music we must start with names like Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, etc. And when we talk about cinema we can’t forget eminent names like Hitchcock, Kubrick, Leone, Coppola, Spielberg, and Nolan. The giants behind camera.

In an interview with BBC NewsNight, Christopher Nolan, the brilliant film director, responded humbly to the acclaim of Stephen Smith (The interviewer): “you are famous for marrying a kind of art/film sensibility with these big popcorn guzzlers. How do you do that and what is the knack of bringing big audience to cinema?” saying that in his movies he tries not to separate the very sophisticated esoteric touch of film making from the style of the star wars movies, James bond’s, and most of the blockbuster movies. Christopher Nolan also expressed his love for the silver screen as an art and added that his passion for movies goes back to his childhood saying: “I grow up loving Hollywood blockbuster and for me it is really a proses to try to create that magic, that sense of scale, that sense of immersion in a world that you grow up with, if you can bring that to film making I think you have the potential to reach a wider audience. With all the films I’ve made I felt that really trying to complement the audience’s intelligence trying to engage the audience with something that is new different…”. From those words everyone can tell how much of a visionary and how ingenious Christopher Nolan is and why he is considered as an asset and one of the grand masters in film directing and producing.

Who is Christopher Nolan?

cn2Christopher Johnathan James Nolan, born in 30 July 1970 in Westminster, London, England, is one of the most successful and brilliant minds in film making in the 21 century. An English-American screen writer, producer, cinematographer, and editor who got all the attention in the cinematography world since his first work The Following (1998) and climbed swiftly the ladder of success with his marvelous and well renowned master piece Memento (2000) his second work after The Following.


Nolan was famous for his unique artistic touch in non-linear story telling like in Memento. His astonishing talent in directing and screen writing took him from working on low-budget movies to directing some of the big blockbuster hits such as Insomnia (2002) with Al Pacino and Robin Williams.  The Prestige (2005) with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005/2008/2012) with Christian Bale and Michael Cain.

As a screen writer, Nolan wrote many outstanding original screen plays such as Inception (2010) starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Interstellar (2014) starring Matthew McConaughey.

The passion of movie making for Christopher Nolan started at the age of 7 when he used make short movies with his father and, despite not studying cinematography and film making, Nolan cn1continued with his passion of making movies in college where he studied English literature at the University College of London. His first movie The Follower (1998), starring Jeremy Theobald, was made on a budget of nearly $6,000 and grossed nearly $49,000 after six months from hitting the top chart of the US box office. Nolan’s first work got 4 nominations and 5 awards like the SKKY Prize (1998) in the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Silver Hitchcock (1999) in the Dinard British Film Festival and the most important, that for Nolan it was the fruit of hard work and dedication especially for someone who taught himself the art of film making, an autodidact driven by his passion and a lot of effort to create something of value.

One of the most special attributes of Nolan’s, is that he refuses to rely totally on CGI (Computer-generated imagery) and he prefers to work the traditional way with creating the necessary equipment for the special effect and even sometimes he prefers to work out of filming studios and created sets and just shoot in a natural scene outside.  The making of Interstellar (Interstellar: Nolan’s Odyssey) is a peculiar example to know more about how Nolan works.

In addition to his spectacular artistic amalgamation of the classical methodologies in film directing and employing digital technology, Nolan was praised by many actors, composers, and other staff that worked with him for giving them the space to get creative and work comfortably.

The movie business for Christopher Nolan is a family business, his wife Emma Thomas works with him as a producer and they have their own production company Syncopy.

Personally, I consider Nolan as one of the virtuosos in the art of film making.  An ace that brought cinema to a new prominent stage and I hope that he will keep on doing his magic that enchants the audience and makes them unwillingly emerge in his engrossing fascinating worlds.

Dunkerque (Original name: Dunkirk) will be Nolan’s next work to see in theaters and cinemas and it will be released in 19 July 2017 in the USA, France, Belgium and Sweden. The movie is an action, drama, and history genre starring Tom Hardy, known for his roles in both The Revenant (2015) and Mad Max: Furry road (2015). The movie story take events May 27- June 04, 1940 during Battle of France in World War II.  It’s about the evacuation of Allied soldiers who were surrounded by the German army at the harbor of Dunkirk, France. The movie is highly anticipated and totally recommended to be listed in top of the movies to watch list. Check the trailer for more details.

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