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Should you watch: Steins;Gate

“Should you watch” is a series of spoil free reviews in which I give my own opinion on a certain anime, movie, series, or manga and tell you whether it can be worth your time or not.

Produced and broadcasted by the White Fox Studios, who are also known for the production of Akame ga Kill, Steins;Gate stands unique in the sci-fi genre. Aired from the 6th of April 2011 to the 14th of September 2011, the show attracted a lot of attention for its unconventional plot and creative direction.

So what makes Steins;Gate so special?

You know, that moment when you start believing that no one can pull off a good time travel show. That’s what I thought until I discovered Steins;Gate. And let me tell you this, it’s not just good, it’s amazing. Guys, I mean the producers, they nailed it. This show takes time travel to a whole new level.  It’s not the dull and mundane show where a bunch of adults go back to live their teenagehood again (Hot Tub Time Machine, just a bad movie), or the typical save the world style (Terminator Franchise, a little too mainstream). Steins;Gate plays it original and creative by sending letters to the past, creating an alternate reality, traveling back a few minutes to save someone’s life, or cause their death. It has on point action, detailed explanations, mind-boggling out-turn of events and many philosophical deductions. You will ponder for days on why things did not happen a certain way, and wonder even more on what a certain action might lead to.

Rated 9.2/10 on, this short, 24 episode, anime is a perfect mixture between Life is Strange (an amazing well-thought game) and Predestination (one of the best mind-twisting movies on time travel). Even if you aren’t much of a Sci-Fi fan, you will definitely enjoy watching this anime.

One more question though. I’m kind of new to anime. Will Steins;Gate be a good first anime to watch?

No. Same as Death Note, I don’t think that Steins;Gate will appeal as much for those of you who are new to the anime world or are younger than 15 years-old. I say this because I did not like the anime when I was young and was still discovering the anime world. Yet, I became a great fan of it once I grew older.

So final question : should you watch Steins;Gate?

You mean you still thinking of watching it. Dude, Come on! Go start now. Trust me you won’t regret this.


For additional information :

-You can look up Steins;Gate the game ( I did not play it but it’s reputation speaks for it’s own)

-John Titor’s research (The idea behind Steins;Gate is a partially inspired from Titor’s work. So if you are looking to better understand the concept and acquire some new information, Taita’s work is a good place to start)

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