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RyuujinCon 2016, The ultimate end-of-year event
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RyuujinCon 2016, The ultimate end-of-year event

by SofieneDecember 9, 2016

Culture in its various forms enrich and generate positive impacts on every aspect of the society. Cultural events promote systematically and by every mean the social progress especially for youth and help them to integrate in society and boost their intellectual and innovative abilities. Besides, in a case of a post-revolutionary country such as Tunisia the impact of cultural events may even reach to high aims on national level such as sustaining the socio-economic progress and presenting a prosperous overview of Tunisian social climate.

Events such as the RyuujinCon must be totally promoted for it plays a very special enlivening role in our society.

What is the “RyuujinCon” event?

RyuujinCon is an event organized each year by the CCDA (Le Cercle Culturel des Dragons de l’Asie) a Tunisian association that takes interest acquainting young Tunisians the Asiatic countries culture. CCDA’s ultimate goal is to deepen the cultural exchange between Tunisia and the countries of East Asia, promote cross-cultural contribution, and collect and adopt their successful cultural, tradition, and scientific experiences.

The RyuujinCon event is a main event for fans of popular culture, Japanese folklore, and digital arts. Dedicated for the entertainment and the enjoyment of youngsters. RyuujinCon is this unheard-of opportunity in which you will witness a multitude of spectacular shows, fun animations and the exhibition of various exclusive contents; Browse through commercial themed stands and of course embody your favorite characters.

This year the second edition of RyuujinCon (RyuujinCon 2016) will be held on December the 11th in Khaznadar Youth Club. This year an amazingly rich and a lively program is awaiting for you; Cosplay competitions, karaoke battles, Kabuki show, magic shows, and a lot of amazing music shows.

So be there this Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm and seize the opportunity to enjoy a journey full of fun and entertainment. Get hyped!

Check CCDA‘s Facebook page and RyuujinCon 2016 event page for more info:

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