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RyuujinCon 2016, Geek out! (Part2: Feedback)

As a reporter, I was there at the event since the very start and I spent practically the whole time observing, taking notes, and interviewing the attendees and the participants and I saw a lot of things that must be shared with public who were there and the ones who weren’t able to attend. And so here is my full report and feedback about the event.

In this article we will not discuss the program of the event, rather it will be a synopsis about the event in a more aggregating way.

Most attendees of RyuujinCon 2016, as well as the participants, had great things to say about the event. Despite some minor troubles that occurred, the journey went well. The programs were divided between variety and uniformity. Generally the program was good and pretty diverting and the mood was captivating, and the space where the event took place was modestly exploited for some of the stands were put right in the entrance hall and it caused some crowding that blocked the passing. The outer space could’ve been better used and some of the shows would have been better performed outside in the open space.

Most of the attendees also spoke highly of the organization and the content of the event and some focused on the security measures and the trespasser that could make troubles. The scene inside the assembly room was practically well utilized and the interactions between the presenters and the audience were excellent.

RyuujinCon 2016 was a splendid event. We will leave for the moment the disquisition about the event’s shows, their “originality” and the general frame of what an event should be, because I want to bring back what I saw in the event; Those little things that really matter.

What I saw as a reporter at the event was the very cheerful and pleasant outlook of the crux of such assemblies. To perceive clearly the image I am drawing here, one should ask this question; what was the purpose for the event?

As far as I am concerned, what really matters in such events are not the luxuriousness of the provided content nor the high professionalization of the participants work. What truly matters is the gathering and the reconciliation of friends who live apart and share many interests and memories that only such an event can bring them together in the most favorable atmosphere to talk, laugh, sing, dance, and enjoy themselves and then leave at the end of day with new memories, and even new friends.

I saw young people sing together their favorite childhood songs I saw them dancing, and talking about those subjects that only they share, and to see such smiling happy faces one has to undoubtedly draw the conclusion that the event succeeded in working its magic.

The community in Tunisia is still young and immature and it has a long journey ahead in order for things to improve. Still in this community there are many who work on developing and enhancing the means of creating a common ground for all of its people. It is hard for young people these days to integrate themselves in society.  Especially those with sole and unique interests and so such events from Banzai, ComicCon, all the way to RyuujinConas well as publications like NexusMag and Tunisian Gamers TV are a new opportunity to socialize and make new friends and most importantly, to act spontaneously and freely.

Organizing and working on succeeding at such events is hard and needs a lot of effort.  Still it can never succeed at one hundred percent because the public are the ones who will complete it. They are the missing piece of the puzzle. So it is not up to organizers nor participants from CosPlayers, animators, photographers, etc. to grant you the perfect flawless event.  It is up to everyone to contribute and successfully promote things to a whole new level.

As individuals of the same community, we have first of all to love each other and stop spreading hate and making unnecessary trouble and we have to work together to improve every aspect of our community and to do this we have to be respectful towards each other and especially the effort every one of us make to create a change.  We need to support each other and participate to promote events such as the RyuujinCon, because if we will stick to the roles of being passive and criticize without giving a solution we will keep running in circles until God knows when.

It is up to us to make things perfect. Support, learn, and instruct each other and work together to improve. Be respectful and courteous and let’s start the year of 2017 right in order to build the community we all dream of.

Together we make a difference.

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