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RyuujinCon 2016, Geek out! (Part1: Overview)

December the 11th, 2016. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sky was clear the weather was a bit cold but favorable. At 8 am the Khaznadar Youth Club was ready to host one of the biggest events of the year. The organization committee was already there to set up the stage and the rooms that will host the attending public and the participants from media, CosPlayers, and stands with variety of goodies and perks. And as always Nexus team was there to report and get in touch with the public and participants.

At 9am, the public was already waiting at the gates to attend, and hyped to enjoy, the anticipated event. The stands were all set. GO GO shop, SUGOI OTAKU shop, and MR SYURUS stickers and Tattoos Shop were all there to provide the public with a variety of scarce items and goodies for sale with beautiful designs and nominal prices.

The atmosphere was ambient and delightful with festive music and a very welcoming committee and with a bit of delay as usual, the public started entering at 10:20 am. At the gate, every attending individual, except for staff and media who were provided with badges to work and navigate freely, have to show his/her ticket and get a stamp mark on the hand to get access. The entering gate security was tightened up and efficient enough to hold back anyone who wanted to enter freely however it was not as efficient as it seemed to be, for some of the trespasser succeeded to enter from behind and blended in with the public swiftly.
At 10:30 am the event officially started and the attendees were partially in the assembly room for the opening. The assembly room was prepared to host nearly 350 individuals and set so they can enjoy the shows. Karim Amar, Raed De Luffy (Raed Ghanja), and the MR SYRUS (Jawher Dridi) were the animators of the event and they made a pretty good work in presenting and entertaining the audience with their humorous jokes and cheerful vivacity.
After the welcoming word from the show presenters, the program started with awesome GMVs and AMVs to harmonize the mood in the room. The audience interacted with verve and dynamism like when they all started singing along when HunterXHunter and Dragon Ball songs were played. It was pretty marvelous.

Afterwards, the Aikido show started and it was a pretty good performance and very entertaining. The Aikido show was followed by a parody video “What if the Chkoba was an Anime” made by Twensa li y7ebbou l’anime and it was a one hell of a hilarious parody video with, as usual, new and original entertaining content. Next, a musical group performance, Divine Decree, took the stage to perform. However their performance was poor for that practically half of the audience left the assembly room and went outside and few of them returned just when the Magic show started.

At 12:45 am, the Seyiuu show started (voice acting) the performance was good but the room was still half empty. The morning session ended with an awesome Rap battle show performed by Kiri No Mura which was a pretty good and amusing show.
During the in-between sessions pause, the public went outside to talk, hook up, and enjoy the good weather. Some went to take photos with the CosPlayers and some went for strolls to check the stands and the Karaoke room. The Karaoke room had a pretty good attendance and it was crowded with youngster who enjoyed singing with played intros the song of anime shows form the well-known Spacetoon TV channel and the atmosphere in the room was breathtaking and impressively enjoyable.

Many talented CosPlayers such as Amir Abidi (Steampunk boarderland cosplay), Sami Mallouki (Assassin’s Creed cosplay), and Hichem Korbosli from Papercraft Tunisia (Deathstroke cosplay) were present at the event some to participate in the Cosplay competition and the others just for having fun and enjoying the event. I interviewed some of them to know their impressions and their general assessment of the ongoing event, the reviews were practically good still some remarked about the almost absent dynamicity out of the assembly room that made some of the CosPlayers get bored quickly.

The evening session started at 14:30 with a Kabuki show (folkloric Japanese dance) which was very fascinating despite the disturbance made by the audience who kept making noise and walking in the central lane that was evacuated for the show, and it was a good opportunity to present some Japanese art aspects to the young Tunisians.

The Crowz show, which was just after the Kabuki show, stirred up the audience and energized the atmosphere and it was such a marvelous scene to see the younglings dance and sing with the band. After the Kendo show, another martial art performance, was animated by Kendo professionals as a demonstration of the sport and it was a nice opportunity to see such exotic scenery especially for the first time.

Next, the CosPlayers entered the assembly room to get prepared for the cosplay competition. A 21 competitor and a variety of marvelous costumes were presented on the scene to perform and win the approval of the jury. The jury were composed of 3 members, Sami Mallouki, Sarra Graja, and Montassar Belkhoudja.

This beautiful journey was concluded with JPop dancing, Karaoke, and the awards for the winner in the cosplay contest.

Generally, the journey was very fascinating and charming and many of the attendees who were their noted that the second edition is quit an improvement comparing to the first one. There was a bit of disturbance especially at the journey’s end (security problems) but it was not quit that hot potato.

These small inconveniences can be taken care of easily and can’t cause harmful troubles so broadly RyuujinCon 2016 was as expected a wonderful event to conclude with the year of 2016.

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