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Review : Zankyou no terror


It all started with the word « VON » left behind after a terrorist attack to steal a top secret nuclear substance from a nuclear facility in Japan. Six months later, a serie of videos uploaded to the Internet emerged by two terrorist masterminds calling themselves « Sphinx ». Sphinx were in reality two mysterious teenaged boys who go by the names « Nine » and « Twelve ». They have nonetheless decided to wake up the world with their heinous plans of destruction in order to avenge the tough brainwashing childhood they had.

Kenjiro Shibazaki, a former member of the police froce’s investigations division, was brought back to his post to investigate the Sphinx case. He was joined later by « Five », an american FBI agent, who seemed to have a connection with Nine and Twelve.


This anime was rated 10/10 in many forums by alot of people, which is something rare.

It is good in two aspects : visuals and sound. The animation was fluent and good in most of the parts, the attention to details on backgrounds was remarkable and the use of lightning and shadows was impressive too. But unfortunately, it had few animation quality drops in some parts. For the soundtrack, it was made by the famous « Yoko Kanno ». The soundtrack used was pretty good that it gave me goosebumps especially during the show’s highest points in the last couple of episodes.

One of the best soundtrack is « Birden » (you will find a link to that masterpiece below), the one used for the last scene of the last episode, which is was honestly my favourite moment of the show.

Now let’s talk about the downs ;

The anime was in a way or another OVERHYPED. The characters back story would had made the anime more interesting if it was more developped. That created tons of unanswered questions and made it hard for me to have a satisfying, yet complete conclusion of the show’s plot.

The storyline went also a little bit slowly during the middle of the anime : it started with alot of action, then it got so slow in the middle to end up by a fast successive ending, which created a remarkable imbalance.

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