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Review : Ajin


« Where there is life there is death… or is there ? What would you do if you could never die ? The possibilities are endless. »

17 years ago, the existence of a new species called « Ajin » was discovered in Africa. An Ajin is a person with supernatural abilities which makes him able to recover from any fatal accident/disease.

About 46 Ajin case were spotted worldwide. In Japan, it is confirmed that there are two Ajin, one of them is « Nagai Kei ». But what the public doesn’t know is that there are actually several more than that two of them.

« Nagain Kei » is a high school student who discovered his true nature after a fatal accident in front of his classmates. In order to run away from the government, he was first helped by a friend, to fall finally with « Satou », an Ajin with extreme murderous goals and methods who aims to destroy the human kind and take over the world. Nagai didn’t seem to handle his bloody plans so he let him strikes out on his own.

The Anti-Ajin Commission stood strong to face Satou’s plans but the first battle was lost. Meanwhile, what the public doesn’t know is that Tosaka, the head of the field investigation, has a secret of his own : his female assistant is an Ajin too, and one of the variants that can manifest a normally-invisible black ghost as strong as Nagai Kei’s and Satou’s.

This anime has been often compared to « Tokyo Ghoul », people found them somehow similar.

One of the best topic in the anime is exploring the bad side of humanity. It opens with scenes of child soldiers in Africa, featured later by two guys who kidnapped a teenage girl with the intention to sell her as a sex slave. Even when it comes to the Anti-Ajin Commision it is not better, an Ajin who gets caught by them is condemned to a horrible existence. Scientists are amoral enough that they would have no problem using all ways of torture and repeatedly kill the Ajin as a part of the lab experiments, neglecting that after all Ajin are still have their human side and still connot handle the extreme pain as any human.

However, the storyline of the anime is not original. It is the same as most of the Horror/Supernatural animes but interpreted in a good quality. But we still cannot judge the whole storyline because it is still not finished. The season 2 will be the answer to all the unanswered questions left.

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