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Reminiscing on Naruto’s Old Days

This post contains spoilers of Naruto but it had been such an acclaimed anime once that it doesn’t really qualify as spoilers, these are personal thoughts and nostalgia on Naruto as an anime or a manga, mainly on the very first part of it, slightly on the shippudden, here I go,

Why Naruto was once among the greatest animes to exist:
It all began with Iruka‘s emotional speech the very first episode, it was all the more authentic with a huge metal star lodged into his back defending a kid that had his parents’ killer sealed inside of.

It got more intense with what I consider one of Naruto‘s best villain team: Zabuza and Haku, I almost came to tears for a character I really despised at first glance. that‘s a really powerful transformation on so many levels.

Then I got to see a person with the great deficit of having no chakra but with sheer effort find himself a place among chakra users world, going even 1v1 against something as dangerous as a psychologically unstable beast ready to break out is as perfect as the quality animation it was put in the fight between them in itself.


The allegory of discrimination at birth between members of same family was imbedded in the very seal Neji had of his forehead but more concrete in how cold and cruel he was, looking down on everything, but having his perspective shattered by a “loser” was all I needed, to believe in the self-esteemless kid I was at the time.

I watched a fat shatter society’s standards overcoming his body shame in a fight that can only be considered metaphorical to people’s judgmental gazes.

I watched an abandoned soul give a punch and a helping hand to a fellow abandoned soul, when everyone turned their backs on both, that white background with the village’s back turned to both Naruto and Gaara, Gaara‘s crying and Naruto‘s hand reaching for him, damn dude.


I watched a man not losing faith in his friend until the very end.

I’ve witnessed a master bond with his student greater than any I’ve seen in real life.

It aches my heart how shippudden ruined it, the only moments I can reminisce about in shippudden are Akatsuki related: basically Itachi‘s ultimate sacrifice dying  twice for a brother. Itachi was the Severus Snape of Naruto if I may speak my mind, and I will never forget Nagato‘s story, depicting all aspects of gruesome wars and human nature’s worst vices and flaws.

The rest of the group members had interesting enoughI saw how hatred can fuel a person to the extent of losing sight of what is right and beside, plunging reluctantly but willingly in the heart of darkness to acquire power on the expense of all. pasts and stories, yet redundant and compare in no aspect to the first part of Naruto.

The way I see it, Naruto went downhill in shippudden and my only moments of rejoice were the final episodes/chapters of seeing my once favorite model, reach his goal despite all, it made me feel whole and complete.

So yeah, Naruto was a great deal to me, as I’m sure it was to many of my generation, I will forever miss it, never forget it…



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