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Patlabor 2: The Movie – Review

Mobile Police Patlabor is an anime and  manga franchise  created by the famous group Headgear, directed by the famous Mamoru Oshii that many know from his work, Ghost in the Shell.  The franchise  includes a manga, a TV series, two ovas , three feature-length movies, two  light novels, and a short film compilation.



The story takes place in the future where people started using robots in heavy construction but it has led to many accidents and some have ended up using them as weapons of destruction.  So the Japanese police created a special squad to deal with these kind of accidents and terrorists called the “Police Special Vehicle Section” What’s astonishing about Patlabor is the special realistic sphere that it has, with well written characters who you will surely love.  And robots. I mean who doesn’t love robots?

But in this review, I’m gonna focus on Patlabor 2: The Movie.  Why?  Because many consider it one of the best animated movies that was ever made.  In this movie Patlabor turned from just being a usual mecha anime to a political-themed one with domestic and international issues that the Japanese government had faced during the 20th century.  Especially where Oshii took the liberty to question the politics and society of postwar Japan.  How can a nation live in peace?  What is peace?  How justified is our peace?  That’s why I will leave you with this unforgettable scene that will make sure You watch this movie.

Overall, I believe that Patlabor is a great anime franchise that every serious anime fan should watch at least once in his lifetime .

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