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Paterson Review
“A man is indeed a city, and for the poet there are no ideas but in things.” Williams Carlos Williams

Today I bring you the latest work by the brilliant Jim Jarmusch, Based on the amazing book Paterson by Williams Carlos Williams. The movie focuses on Paterson  and his wife Laura.Where we get to discover a week from the typical life of Paterson : a bus driver  in New Jersey who wakes up early in the morning  , goes to work , goes back home and repeat the same circle over and over everyday. But we also discover the only thing that keeps him alive, his passion, as he practices poetry during coffee and lunch breaks: Poetry based on his everyday life, on people whom he meets and on places from his city or just poetry dedicated for his fiancee.

When I first heard about the movie and read that it had poetry, I really hesitated to watch it since i was never into poetry. but Jim Jarmusch pulled a great job as poems slips beautifully through the whole movie. He took the movie far from being just about poetry but about how art can fill the human life. We also notice Jarmush‘s clear message that you only should do art for yourself, as Laura kept begging Paterson to publish his works, He explained in an interview with the Time‘s magazine saying :”I think you can only trust yourself or those you’re collaborating with. And as soon as you step outside of that and start imagining, “How will the world receive this?” you’ve lost your strength. You only have your own intuition. I’ve always said, from the first films I ever made, that those of us making the film, we were making it for ourselves.”
One must also praise Adam Driver for the terrific job he did , maybe the best performance in 2016.But what made me really love the movie was the shooting  by Frederick Elmes,  every scene was a beauty, i stopped like more than five times to take some screenshots.

Over all Paterson is one of the finest Jarmusch‘s works and a great introduction to poetry.



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