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Nocturnal Animals Review

Nocturnal animals is a movie released in 2016 by the rising director Tom Ford who made a good debut with his first movie The single man in 2009. It’s based on the novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. The movie was a huge success and won the grand jury prize at The Venice Festival.

Great book

Well to be frank it’s a hard movie to review without spoiling the major parts so read at your own risk. The story focuses on Susan Morrow and her ex husband Edward Sheffield whom she abandoned because of his romantic world-views and her belief that he will never be able to achieve his dreams to become a writer. 
So she betrayed him and married some rich businessman
after having an abortion of Edward’s child but things didn’t turn out quite her way.
Years later,one day, she received a manuscript nov
el from Edward called Nocturnal animals which was dedicated for her since her ex husband used to call her a nocturnal animal.The novel tells the story of Tony who seeks revenge from the men who kidnapped and killed his wife and his daughter. As Susan reads this book, it begins to put her life and beliefs into a new context and her deep guilt comes into surface. Which helped her to realize that this is Edward’s own form of revenge and how her betrayal was felt from his perspective .

The characters were really touching and well portrayed as the actors managed to pull a great job especially Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. But we know that the movie had two narratives the real world one and the novel one so that must be tricky. So one must praise The director Tom Ford even thought he changed a bit of things. He said in an interview explaining: “The film is very different than the book it’s based on. However, the central themes are the same, meaning that when I read the book, what appealed to me as a writer and a filmmaker was the idea of this device of communicating to someone through a work of fiction. Through a written work of fiction. And thereby communicating something that they had not been able to really communicate clearly. I loved that concept.”

Overall Nocturnal animals is great thriller movie which questions the very fundamentals of fiction writing and human relationships, last I can say it’ definitely one of the best movies we had in 2016.

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