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Misfits, The underclass heroes

Nathan, Simon, Alisha, Kelly and Curtis. A peculiar whimsical teen community service group that their life changed forever after being hit by a freak thunder storm. An accident that will trigger a bizarre and ludicrously chain of event starting with killing the probation worker and discovering that they acquired some weird mystery powers and back to killing the second probation worker, and the third one,… enough with the spoilers, Misfits is a drama, fantasy, and science-fiction British TV show with a touch of the famously British black comedy flavor making it a tremendous success and one of the many well renowned TV shows.
The first broadcasting of the “Misfits” TV show started on 12 November 2009 on the British E4 channel, produced by “Clerkenwell Films” and written by Howard Overman, Jon Brown, and Mike O’Leary.
The show concluded on 11 December 2013 with 5 seasons and 37 episode, although that many fans of the series suggested that it should be ended with the end of the third season due to replacing the original cast by other actors with different roles then the one from the start, and some fans may also consider the last two season as a huge fall of the show.
The one major fatal strike that made the show critically loses its fans along with the great success that it gained in the start is the leaving of Robert Sheehan the actor in Nathan Young role.
To be more explicit, Robert Sheehan in his role as Nathan was quit the big hit, the grand slam, the joker card of the show that made it win much more fans with every episode. The role of Nathan in the show consisted on adding a funny, better say, hilarious dirty jokes and weirdly funny grimaces to the show making Nathan, the character, the funny beloved jester. Besides, the different mix of the strange personality aspects of each character of the teen community service group starting with Simon Bellamy played by Iwan Rheon (famously known for his role as Ramsey Bolton in Game of Throne) as a timid shy person and Kelly Bailey the tomboy short tempered girl along with the combination of the other characters, created the perfect ground for Nathan character to shine and outstands in his performance and made him a valuable asset to the show.
However, the show have distinctively reflected on the teen lives in the UK with all the bad behavior and vandalism to drugs and sex and getting deeper to the philosophical aspects many subjects such as gaining power over the other individuals of society (a metaphoric representation of giving teenagers the upper hand in decisive actions in society) and the burdens of responsibility that comes with it as moral and ethical duties and how teenager will deal with this in such a case.
The show mirrored many deep complex issues brought to surface from the core of the modern British society problems and wrapped them in this enjoyable humors TV show and presented to the audience.
The show was a great success despite the many unfortunate inconvenience that it encountered along the way and as a fan I considered as one of the most outcome of the British productions in TV shows.

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