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Memories of Emanon: Review


Memories of Emanon

Memories of Emanon

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and it was so good, so touching, that it had a really strong impression on you?  I had this same feeling when i stumbled upon this hidden gem Memories of Emanon.
Memories of Emanon is a one-shot manga that was adapted from the novel, Emanon A Reminiscence, by Shinji Kajio. Memories of Emanon tells the story of a  young boy on his journey who encountered Emanon to whom he is instantly drawn to but he later finds out that she possesses an ancient memory that dates up to the creation of life. 

The manga consists of only a single volume and it only took me half an hour to finish it but let me assure You, it’s better than  many long mangas I’ve read.  The story is really fascinating and original and the narrator discuss the possibilities, and potential reasoning, behind these memories and about life in general. It just makes you wonder what would you do if you had 3 million years of memories. Tsuruta Kenji and his beautiful and realistic art has done an excellent job in portraying the special and unique character of Emanon. What more can I say? The art speaks for itself.

To sum up, Memories of Emanon is an exciting and humorous sci-fi tale that makes you feel at peace. It is like spending the night looking at the moon.  It’s just a must read for every mature reader .

Written by: Amuro Sellami


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