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League Of Legend World Championship 2016 is live

On the 29th of September 2016, The League Of Legend World Championship 2016 was held. 16 teams, the best from all around the world, face each other after months of preparation for one goal.  To win the League of Legends World Champions Title

With a record breaking viewership count of about 36 million in the 2015 finals, and a prize pool over 2.000.000 $ League of Legends is no longer the typical video game you hear about. Players and fans have waited for this tournament to start. All gathered round, sharing their love for the game, and looking for the excitement and action it offers. Each cheering for their favorite team  and when the real fighting begins, everyone gets on their feet. All the months of preparation and intensive training the players have been through are being tested live, in front of millions. Every detail matters. Extremely fast reflexes, quick analysis of the map, and the hunt for the slightest mistake to create an offensive opportunity from are what keeps the action going and the crowd excited.


Smeb, Faker, Deft, Clearlove, Meiko and many other players have become the modern day celebrities thanks to League of Legends. Admired by many fans from all around the world, these names shout awesomeness, and when the game begins, all eyes are on them. They are the Big play makers. The champions of the Internet. The heros of The Rift.


Although the World championship has just begun, it hides some unexpected surprises. One of these were INTZ, the rising Brazilian team who won their game against EDG the Chinese Lol Pro League (LPL) finalist. Such surprises leave the game unpredictable and entertaining. Hence the true surprise remains unrevealed. Who is going to be the League of Legend World Champions 2016?

That will be answered at the finals in Los Angeles, California, on the 29th of october.

So stay excited. The games have just begun.

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