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League of Legend World Championship 2016: Two Weeks in and Albus NoX Luna is in the Quarterfinals
Albus Nox

Albus Nox

As promised, League of Legend World Championship revealed many surprises these past two weeks. The most unanticipated one was the qualification of Albus NoX Luna “ANX” to the “Knockout Stage” (the quarterfinals) after what became known as the best game of the tournament against the mighty Rox Tigers “ROX”, Korea’s number 1 team, the LoL Championship Korea (LCK) split winners.  This legendary game was one of the longest ever played and the longest of the World Championship 2016. It took 66 minutes for the Russian team ANX to defeat ROX and. The game was pure excitement. Two Baron steals by ROX, an amazing roaming by both Likkrit and Stejos, ANX’s support and jungler, two Elder Dragon sneaks by ANX, and amazing kiting skills displayed on lucian by aMiracle, ANX’s Ad-Carry. Against all odds, ANX did it, and they did it with style.

ANX vs ROX highlights:

Today, ANX stole all the attention along with the fan’s support. Not only because of their unexpected success, but also because of their amazing skills, their team unity, and their positive attitude and sportsmanship. Likkrit, ANX support said ”we came here expecting 0-6…and we were like, we will just come and play our game. But today, we are in quarterfinals for sure…and all I want to say is that Being underdog doesn’t mean being a loser!”.  Their unprecedented play brought them closer to fans’ hearts and even though many still doubt their ability to win, everybody hopes they do.

Likkrit’s inspiring speech:

Now that ANX made it crystal clear that their presence in the Worlds is not merely by chance and that they are the real deal, we can expect to see some interesting games to follow and hopefully more of those unconventional Brand support picks.

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