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Kabu no isaki review :

Image result for kabu no isakiEver spent the day just listening to music and chilling? Probably yes, so you might have an idea of how a great of an experience it is. Well, reading Kabu no Isaki is like having that same exact feeling.

Kabu no Isaki is a manga made by Hitoshi Ashinano.  While I read a few of his other works, I was really enraptured by Kabu no Isaki. It tells the story of two sisters, Kajika and Shiro who owns an old plane, The Cub, and their neighbor, Isaki, whom Shiro lets borrow The Cub to do some jobs for her .


Story wise there’s nothing much going on. Most of the manga is Isaki flying to some place to do a delivery or meeting some new people with Kajika tagging along sometimes.  And that was Ashinano’s main idea: to make us appreciate the world we’re living in at a time where, more or less, technology controls us as we spend most of our time sitting in front of computers or sitting at desks doing a job we hate just for the money. A world where We discover new   people, make friends, live new experiences and learn from those experiences so we can truly say that we lived.

The brilliant mangaka succeeded in developing these ideas by using the planes and the flying theme. Socrates said :

“Man must rise above the earth
to the top of the atmosphere and beyond
for only thus will he fully understand
the world in which he lives “


What impressed me the most was the ability of Ashishano to create an alternative world with an amazing atmosphere that will suck you in from the beginning where he used a mix between science fiction and real elements that came into life thanks to his unique and beautiful art style.  Like the the landscapes of Japan that tend to have a romantic side, empty and perfect for planes. Plus the great memorable characters that most of them tend to be funny and lovely with their cute simple design.
When I read the manga, honestly, it was like a dream and I experienced every kind of feeling.  Joy, wonder, excitement and hope.  I can say that, as far as I know, only few writers could manage to pull that off.

Overall Kabu no Isaki was really an ineffable ride, where You will surely forget all of your worries and start asking yourself “are we really enjoying life for what its worth for?”.  Personally after reading it, It gave me a new insight to life.  So if you’re looking for something to read, pick this up immediately .








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