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Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #2 of 6 (Williamson, Fabok, and Sinclair)

So, if you remember my review last week, I wasn’t too thrilled with this one but wanted to see where it was going.  The second issue starts off just as “meh” as the first but things, well, they changed.  A LOT!  Remember, there are spoilers the further you go so, read at your own risk.

So the epic battle between Justice League and Suicide Squad continues for the first 3/4 of this issue and by epic, i mean that in the least epic way possible.  I don’t know why but the action was just pretty stupid and mundane but it gets real, fast.  Superman loses his powers and this seriously changes the fight and Suicide Squad, previously getting their asses handed to them, are able to come out victorious in the battle.  Waller, now has the Justice League: Suicide Squad edition and what she has in store, well, I’ll let you read.

This one started off as a mundane issue but really ended well.  I would now move this 6 issue series from a “you could pass” to “You should probably read this”.

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