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Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1 of 6 (Williamson, Fabok, and Sinclair)

I’m not a huge DC Comics fan but when it comes to Suicide Squad, and especially Harley Quinn, I’m a sucker for pretty much whatever they can put out.  I do like Justice League, somewhat, but not as much as The Avengers.  However, seeing this I thought to myself “This should be interesting.  I gotta read this”.  This is a 6 issue series and if you’ve not been under a rock the past year you know who The Suicide Squad is.  As disappointing as the movie was, the comic book, isn’t quite as disappointing but so far, it’s still pretty bad.

The first issue really does nothing to advance a story too much.  Justice League is sent on a mission to stop a bad guy and he’s dead about 3 pages into the first time meeting Him.  Justice League shows up when the mission goes sideways and they save the days like the Heroes they are.  However, the story seems to not be going anywhere.  There is an alternate group of bad guys who are hell bent on killing/getting rid of Heller (who runs Suicide Squad) but this is just a long issue to introduce them at the end and nothing happens.  I’m used to #1’s being slow but this was damn near coma inducingly slow.  I will continue the series because I think it has the ability to wind up as a great series.  I just hope there is far more action in the next 5 issues.

The saving grace to this issue (and probably will be for the series, lets be honest here) is the artwork is pretty fantastic.  Jason Fabok (Detective Comics, Batman Eternal, Justice League) is the amazing artist that I’ve seen the artwork of before and it’s no surprise that the artwork here is a standout.  The colorist, Alex Sinclair (Young Justice, Justice League, First Wave) also does a great job here too.  He’s done great work, especially First Wave, so I decided to add a few extra page shots in this one.  I would recommend checking this one out if just for the artwork.  If you’re a bigger DC fan than I am, you may like this more too.


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