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Jiriashin Review

Like most manga lovers , I’m a big fan of the seinen genre but unlike them ,the first name that comes up
on my mind when i think about seinen is  Tsutomu Takahashi and his manga JiraishinTsutomu 012Takahashi is one of the most underrated mangakas ever. Even though his works are top notch, the guy is so unpopular to the point that I struggled to find any decent picture of him.

Tsutomu Takahashi, born on September 20, 1965, was known for his dark and violent works.  Jiraishin was his first work and it was a big hit in the 90’s.  The story is about a detective, Kyoya Ida, who will do everything to solve the case to the point that he’s willing to put his own life and those around him at risk to find the culprit.
Reading Jiraishin felt like watching a crime-thriller TV series, like Law and Order.  In each volume the mangaka treats a new murder case where he introduces new characters and new elements.  That’s why the manga universe always felt rich but a bit confusing sometimes. What I really liked about Jiraishin is not only do we discover each case and the deep aspects of the main character but also the personality of the criminals.  Whether they killed for revenge, for money, or they are just some sick bastards.
Tsutomu’s sketchy art was really stylish and he made a realistic 90’s setting where he successfully portrayed humanity’s despair, madness and misery .
The story, not being continuous, fit the manga very well.  However, sometimes it feels like there is no coherence and no development in the main characters personality. Who knows? Maybe that’s what the mangaka really wanted to prove: Nothing affects Kyoya Ida and he will do his job whatsoever .
Overall , Jiraishin is a must read for every seinen lover and it’s surely worth your time .


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