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Where to Invade Next, just watch this documentary

Since the dawn of humanity man sought basically the dreadful ways to evolve and acquire all the power and control over his fellow man and any living been on this planet. To think of this matter of the anthropogenic misbehavior that have been the major inquisition of philosopher and pioneers in social sciences since time began, the question to pose here is why we always provoke all of those turmoils that cause us human beings much suffering and agony? For what cause? And if there is another peaceful way to evolve and progress, why simply not choosing that way?

mmIn an answer to these questions comes Where to Invade Next, a documentary directed, written, and starred by the famous American documentary filmmaker and author, Michael Moore. This prestigious documentary that kept its balance between mortifying the American social, economic, and jurisdiction system and instructing the people of the US of what America really needs, not oil, not opium but the exquisitely alternative approaches that promotes society progress, enhances the quality of life, and insures prosperity and well being.

This awesome travelogue that Michael Moore illustrated in his documentary with his comical and cheerful touch of “invading” certain European countries and amassing the beautiful unique ideas of that country, ideas that the US really needs to implement in order to become America truly the “Greatest Nation”.

The countries Moore visited were Italy, France, Finland, Tunisia, Slovenia, and Portugal and in each country he experienced and witnessed the impact of their dynamically effective alternative method such as labor rights in Italy, sex education in France, free education in Slovenia, and women’s rights in Tunisia, etc.


mm2Such documentaries and truly all the works of art that incorporate entertainment, fruitful information about the world, and educational prospects of developing society needs to be promoted and most of all produced for they serve as a conductive material of good ethics and world citizenship.

This documentary is truly a good material to watch. Check the trailer bellow for more details.


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  • Modather
    December 6, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    Thank you for all your articles reporter Sofien. It has been a great pleasure to follow up with them. this seems to be particularly attractive to watch, could you provide the Micheal Moor’s documentary link please ? that would be so helpful.

    • Sofiene
      December 6, 2016 at 7:12 pm

      Thank you dearly my friend I am glad for your support and the attention you are given all this time to Nexus web-mag in general and my articles specifically 😀 I will provide with the link soon. Thank you again.

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