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Imperium: Right-wing terrorism and white supremacy

Diving deep down into the darkest core of the sociopolitical structure of the US, in the turmoil of conspiracy theories, neo-fascism and white supremacy ideologies. Another form of terror is threatening the US and the whole World. A nest of lunatic extremists and right-wing terrorists are creeping in the shadows and plotting to annihilate all forms of threat that imperil their white privileges and supreme nation. Their belief, unity, and dreadful resolve are their imperium.

Imperium is an American thriller movie based on the story of American FBI agent Michael German, written and directed by Daniel Ragussis. The movie was released on 19 August, 2016 in the USA. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, famously known for his role as Harry Potter in the Harry potter series, as the young FBI agent Nate Foster who goes undercover in a precarious mission to infiltrate an underground white supremacist fanatic organization in order to unveil a secret plot of a terrorist attack.


Nate Foster is a young FBI agent who wants to prove himself as a field agent so he accepts a risky mission that may cause him to get himself killed if anything goes wrong. The case that he took on was first built on a set of absurd theories about a fanatic underground movement that aims to achieve their goals using their own violent ways. And as an excellent desk Agent, Nate prepared himself by studying those groups and their ideologies in order to immerse himself in their organization and convince them that he is an ally.

The movie discuss one of the most implicit and delicate topics, and the threats that endangers the US yet comes straight from its own citizens. With the diversity of races and ideologies the concept of supremacy is still considered as a goal for certain groups. The greatness of the US comes as result of the distinctiveness of its citizens and their rich ideologies. Furthermore, terrorism is the concept of using violence and threatening ways, whether verbally or physically.  Radical Islamists, white supremacists, or any form of radical ideology are the many faces of extremism and deep inside all come from the same core. That dark side of humanity which barricades all forms of evolution and prosperity.


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