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Hito Hutari Futari Review

In the last 2 months, news of earthquakes hitting Japan spread a lot in the media, and it led me to remember the earthquakes that hit Japan in 2011 and the Fukushima power plant incident. Today I bring you another gem by Tsutumo Takahahsi; Hito Hitori Futari that is pretty much related to this matterwhich was released in 2011.

It’s a political drama that tells the story of  Riyon Fuji who later became, after her death, the spiritual guardian of the Japanese prime  minister Souichirou Kasuga.  The prime minister gained weird abilities that enabled him to see and talk with his spirit guardian.

What I loved about this manga in particular is the uniqueness and the originality of the story.  The mangaka managed to mix between fantasy and reality to treat a serious threat in our age: The problem of nuclear power.  Denuclearisation was the prime minister’s first aim and Riyon had to help him a lot to achieve that but stopping nuclear production is still hard, if not impossible, even in a manga. Tsutumo went to great lengths to show how such a decision could affect the Japanese society  and the entire world and the different reactions of people .

Considering this is a Tsutumo’s work, who is well known for his dark and violent style, it doesn’t feel much like his other works. Unlike his other works that tend to show humanity’s despair and madness, in this manga he showed humanity’s hope to create a peaceful world with no nuclear power and how could that be achieved.  This was really clear, too, in the Prime Minister character that would do anything for his country, and his people, even if he has to sacrifice his own life.  Nor greedy nor selfish, an ideal image for a prime minister.
And lets not forget Tsutomu’s awesome art style that created a beautiful and realistic setting that suited the story very well.
Overall, Hito Hitori Futari is beautiful and a heart warming manga that is surely worth the read .

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