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Hawkeye #1 (2016 – Thompson, Romero, Bellaire) – Review

Having spent some time away from comics (about 8 months since I last was reading religiously) I was excited to see a new Hawkeye coming out.  Only, this time it’s not following the exploits of Clint Barton but of Kate Bishop instead.  Introduced in the Hawkeye universe in 2005, this is her first time at her own comic.  She made regular guest appearances in Hawkeye (2012 Fraction, Aja) and was great there so I was excited to see she got her own book.

Number 1’s are always typically a lot more back story than action and this isn’t too far from the truth in this one too.  The artistic style hearkens back to the golden age of comics with the style over a more modern style but it really works with the writing so far.  There is a great sense of humor in the writing without being too much.  This is a hallmark of Hawkeye (2012 Fraction, Aja) too so it’s great to see it carry over to Kate’s Hawkeye.

The story is that Kate has moved from New York to California (which is very similar to Daredevil – 2014 Waid, Samnee) and she’s wanting to start her own private investigation business.  She tries to balance finding people for various clients and fighting crime and this may be a recurring theme.  The joke is made pretty often that people are looking for the “Real” Hawkeye (Barton) and leave when they realize she is the Hawkeye being advertised.  This is cute now, but may be something that wears thin quickly if it keeps getting mentioned.

Overall, it was a good start and it didn’t hook me as quickly as Venom #1 did (read my review of that here) but it’s a much more lighthearted book that seems to be a good read over a long run still.  I would suggest tracking this one down and give it a read.

Hawkeye #1

Hawkeye #1

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