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Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie 2017

Ghost in the Shell is the genius work of Masamune Shirow and one of the most famous anime franchise in history. Rated 8.35/10 on, this anime has fans from all around the world and has been adapted into many movies and TV-Series.

The first anime movie, Ghost in the Shell, was introduced in 1995 followed by an also famous TV series, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, in 2002. Many others shows and movies preceded, but weren’t as successful as their precedents. However, the Ghost in the Shell franchise is back, with a new and promising movie adaptation. Not only is it is packed with amazing effects, the new movie stands out as original and creative amongst other movies from the same genre. Still don’t believe me, see for yourself :

New Ghost in the Shell Trailer :

Officially produced by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures the new Ghost in the Shell movie has all eyes on it. The YouTube trailer has been viewed by more than 15 million people and seems to be generally liked. Scarlett Johansson seems to have a major part in all this hype. Though many fans think that the role of Motoko Kusanagi, the human-cyborg hybrid heroine of the franchise, should be played by an asian woman, others think that Johansson fits it perfectly.

The movie’s official release date is on the 31st of March, 2017. Stick around. We’ll keep you informed with any future updates.

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