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Fans of Bethesda and Zen Pinball Rejoice!

The leaders in pinball games for Computers and Mobile devices has announced it is bringing 3 new tables to an already seriously packed lineup.  They are partnering with Bethesda to bring you a Fallout, Doom, and Skyrim table to play on.

For those unfamiliar, Zen Studios is the makers of Zen Pinball.  They create custom pinball tables for pinball enthusiasts.  Along with the three new ones they have tables for Star Wars, Marvel, American Dad, Family Guy, and my favorite Bobs Burgers.  These are all authentic and licensed and typically have new audio and fun little surprises in them.

Here are some screen shots of the upcoming tables. Click on them for the larger (Original) sizes for more detail.

Zen Pinball - Skyrim

Zen Pinball – Skyrim

Zen Pinball - Fallout

Zen Pinball – Fallout

Zen Pinball - Doom

Zen Pinball – Doom

The Bethesda Pinball pack will be available on Xbox, PSN, Steam, Mac and Windows 10 on December 6th, and on mobile platforms December 8th.

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