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Don’t breathe, and don’t f**k with blind people

Daniel Zovatto, Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette star in Screen Gems' horror-thriller DON'T BREATHE.Messing with blind people is an ill-behaving act, stealing from them is totally obscene. However karma always has its own means of reverting certain actions and certain feeble people will sometimes surprise you with their cogent ability of overcoming the barricades of their incapabilities and turning the situation into their favor.
Released by Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films on August 26, 2016, the low budget movie Don’t Breathe, hit the top ranks of the US box office chart grossing over 149 million dollars. Nearly fifteen times the production budget of 9.9 million dollars. The American horror film was directed by Fede Alvarez and was produced by Ghost House Pictures along with Good Universe.  It stars Jane Levy (Shameless, Evil Dead), Dylan Minnette (Saving Grace), Daniel Zovatto (Fear the Walking Dead) and Stephen Lang (Terra Nova, Salem, Into the Badlands).

The movie story is about a mischivious group of three young delinquents who break into other people’s houses to steal and sell the token items in order to get the money. Rocky, Alex, and Money, Rocky the girl who lives with her little sister and her junkie lousy mother dreams of getting a great sum of money and then moving with her sister to California to start a new beginning away from the slum they live in. Alex, the innocent boy who evidently joined the group because Rocky is in it and he assists in the robberies since his father works in a security company and so he can be very helpful with intel. Money, is the type of a derelict boy who seeks easy money and will use any greedy and outraged means to get what he wants.


As their final job, Money, who got a tip about this house in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood with this old blind retired war veteran living alone in the house the group assembled for one last job. Money who got the info from an old newspaper saying that the old men have in his house 300.000 dollar in cash given to him as a sort of settlement or a recompensation from Cindy Roberts the women who killed his little daughter in a car accident, planed to hit the jackpot thinking that this last job is just like taking candy from a blind men.

Those 3 poor younglings didn’t know what was waiting for them in that house and didn’t know who they are messing with. For sure, this is will be their last job at least for two of them.

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