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‘Doctor Strange’ : Review (SPOILER-FREE)

doctor-strange-empire-subscribers-coverDoctor Strange is a movie directed by Scott Derrickson and staring Benedict Cumberbatch as a successful and arrogant neurosurgeon. After a tragic car accident the doctor’s hands become shaky, making him unable to go back to his profession. When western medicine fails him, Stephen Strange turns to eastern medicine, where he discovers a world of magic sorcery and many dimensions he never thought existed as well as a mystical war that is raging.

This movie was a breath of fresh air in the Marvel Universe. Not only does it expands the Marvel Universe with the inclusion of mysticism and alternative dimensions, the film also introduces a new subgenre and a fresh cinematic language of sorcery and magic.

Being the 4th marvel release of 2016, this movie may not be as hilarious as Deadpool but still has a very funny script and memorable jokes.

One of the reasons this movie is so good is because of Benedict Cumberbatch, who excels at delivering the perfect mix of arrogant, funny and witty in a way that is quite comparable to Tony Stark. Mads Mikkelsen fits perfectly in the role of the villain and the story behind him strengthens his role even more. Even secondary characters in this movie are great: The Ancient One played by Tilda Swinton, Christine played by Rachel McAddams as well as Mordo played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

It is also worth mentioning that this is a remarkable 3D movie. The action scenes and the way they presented the different dimensions are extraordinary and not to be missed as a 3D experience.

Overall, Doctor Strange was a great inclusion in the Marvel Universe serving as a great origin story movie as well as an introduction to characters that we are excited to see in future superhero teams.

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