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Buraiden Gai review

Buraiden Gai is a Japanese manga made by the famous Nobuyuki Fukumoto who is well known for his gambling works : Kaiji and Akagi.
Buraiden Gai tells the story of a 13-year-old parent-less boy all alone in the world Gai. He searched for independence and decided to live his life on his own without the help of anybody.  But ironically, he later gets framed for murder and imprisonedcxczxc in a juvenile correction institute because of his actions .

Even though i’m a big fan of Akagi and Kaiji, if you ask me what’s my favourite Nobuyuki work, I will surely say, without hesitation, it’s Buraiden Gai . The story  just left me speechless even though it’s really simple.  The Mangaka managed to do a deep psychological analysis of the characters.  Especially the main character Gai,  a character who will do anything to survive and prove his innocence. Even though his life was miserable and he didn’t make the right decisions most of the time , he still tried to grab another chance.  And that was really inspiring for me, plus the weird special art of Nobuyuki that made an excellent portraying of Gai’s personality and emotions .

Overall, I believe that Buraiden Gai is a must read for those looking for a short touching story and especially for the fans of Nobuyuki Fukumoto .

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