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Black mirror, life is bright

What would life be without technology? Dull, bleak, hard, or maybe even shocking for certain people who relies on every task of their daily life on the assistance of technology. The question is rather ambiguous, still it is not the proper question that we should focus on finding answers to. The true question is how life may become with all of this technological inflation?

Those two questions may seem insignificant and more like a school essay but there are so many deep thought and philosophical contemplation behind it and evidently more in a dialectical way. In this framework, the English broadcaster, satirist, and the creator of the anthology series Black Mirror Charlie Brooker, had brought this matter of perusal as a feature of a speculative fiction series that simulate modern society and the dark sides of it stimulated by the erroneous use of technology stirring a social decay state.

black-mirror-season-3-posterThe first season was first broadcast on the 4th of December 2011 on Channel 4 and the second one in the 11th of February 2013. The first two season were produced by Zeppotron and Endemol and were shot in Toronto (Canada), Los Angeles (USA), and London (UK). After the success of the first two seasons, Netflix took on the commission to produce a third season with 12 episodes that was aired on 21st of October 2016.

The show’s structure consists on giving each episodes its own cast, setting, and script, hence, each episode have its own story with no relation to other episodes like most of the TV shows. This original structure give the audience a chance to discover a new plot and a new reality with each episode.

As we mentioned earlier, the show consists on showing the dark side of technology inblack-mirror-2 modern society and the damage it can inflict on individuals and society if they lose control on it on certain aspects. The show is a projection of certain vision of what society may become with sharp parlous notification of the dicey slow growth of technology. The conceived obscure image drawn by the Charlie Brooker through this series doesn’t imply that technology in itself is unsafe, rather the incautious use of it that may drive it to be unsafe. After all it is nothing but a mere tool and we are the one who shaped either to be a weapon that can harm or a ladder that will ascend us to a new stages of evolution.

The show is totally recommended to watch for it contains many interesting and pulsating plots that will open many new perceptions windows to many unseen sides of society.

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