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Best and Worst Superhero Movies of 2016


Superhero movies have been no stranger to box office in the last decade. And while some have established to become amongst the best movies of all time, some have turned out to be simply terrible. So here’s a breakdown of the best and worst movies of 2016.


3-X Men Apocalypse

The first entry on this list performed the worst on box office   (still a solid 543.9 million USD).  It is clear that this sequel didn’t make quite as much rage as its precedent X Men Days of the Future Past. However, this movie was not a disaster. In fact it was a rather acceptable movie. But I must say that with the standers that we have today with superhero movies X Men Apocalypse was short on everything. It mostly lacked a sense of humor and a more chill set. There was a certain tension throughout this movie that made its 2h 27m a bit heavy.  Also I would like to point out that I did not like the new actors. Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey was shallow and Olivia Munn as Psylocke was unfinished, as of Lana condor in Jubilee was simply not there (seriously we didn’t get 20 second with this character). Overall I don’t think this is must watch of 2016 whatsoever. However I’m looking forward to the 2017’s Logan which is a more intimate movie that is going to focus on Logan aka Wolverine.


2-Suicide Squad

Why can’t this movie be as good as its trailer? Why can’t it be as awesome as everyone predicted it would be? And why didn’t we see Joker and Harley Quinn as much as we did in the trailer?

When Suicide Squad finally came out in June I was thrilled to watch it. I was expecting to watch the movie of the summer. Instead what we got is weird montage of Amanda Waller annoyingly introducing and reintroducing the Suicide Squad (at least 3 times no kidding) and Cara Delavigne as Enchantress awkwardly hula dancing?? I don’t know what they were trying to do but the result was a movie with no plot, a bad choice of antagonist and cheesy music. Definitely could’ve been excellent especially considering the great cast and story.


1-Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Call me harsh but I think that the best thing that came out with this movie was the hilarious sad Batman meme. Long story short, this movie is a mess from start to finish: thinly sketched characters, haphazard plotting, and surprisingly jumbled action: if anything this movie teaches us that with great responsibility doesn’t come great power but great length. I couldn’t tell you how much I have struggled to watch 3 hours of butt-chinned Batman and Superman cockfighting. Not to mention having to contain myself from punching Jesse Eisenberg. Yes it was that bad! I honestly could go on for hours explaining how disastrous this was but that would be more time wasted on this movie and I must tell you 3 hours  is more than enough . So save your pain and instead here’s a list of 3 hours activities that would make a better use of your time

  • Roast a 16 lbs turkey
  • Assemble something from IKEA
  • Volunteer at a local homeless shelter
  • Learn to tie sailors knot
  • Google everyone you know/knew in high school                                                                                                                         



3-Dr Strange

Dr Strange is one of those movies that remind you that MCU is so much more than The Avengers and X Men. Very much like Thor, this movie opened a whole new dimension to MCU by introducing the world of sorcery and magic. Benedict Cumberbatch was incredible in this movie and one of the main reasons that made it great. Dr Strange is both a great stand alone film and a gripping continuation of the MCU movies.



2-Captain America Civil War

Ever since we were introduced to Captain America and The Avengers back in 2012, we were hooked on their movies. And 2016’s Captain America Civil War is no exception. With over 1.1 billion USD in box office, Civil War lands itself the 12th spot on the highest box office gross of all time. This hero vs. hero movie lands as one of the most mature and substantive picture to have yet emerged from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not to mention the amazing effects and fight scenes.



Let me precede this by saying that this is easily the most hilarious superhero movie ever. Fans have been waiting for this film ever since it was first announced in May 2000 and boy is it good! It is absolutely impossible to get bored watching this movie. From the excellent aesthetics to the touching story to the hysterically funny jokes, Deadpool checks all the boxes for a superhero movie. Add to that Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and you got yourself one of the best movie of the year all genres included.


What is your most and least favorite movie of 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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