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Bad News for Batman V Superman – Drop in Box Office



Bad News for Batman V Superman – Drop in Box Office

This is the second week of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice release. It has recorded a huge drop in box office this week. In fact, for this kind of blockbusters it’s the first time we see a drop of 81.2% in Box Office.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earned just $15.4 million dollars on its second Friday in release and that puts the full weekend estimates at about $51 million. The movie is currently screening in 4,256 theaters. So far, it has racked up $224.4 million, which would be very impressive for a lesser movie.

Now the movie is hitting 424.1 million USD but it the worst drop in box office has been seen.


We are now worried about the next movie “Wonder Women” because of this lack of interest. DC comics fan had a lot of disappointment after “Man of Steel” & “Batman V Superman”, but in the case of Batman v Superman, the two superheroes don’t seem to be pulling their weight as much as they should.



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