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A Guide to ‘Westworld’ Timelines

After a tremendous finale last Sunday, Westworld has left everyone on the edge of their seat. Some confused about this ending and other waiting for what’s going to happen in season 2. In this article I will be explaining in a simple way the different timelines of the show.

There are three timelines in this first season

*A time before the opening of Westworld

*A time after a few years of the opening of Westworld (when young Logan and William joined Westworld)

*A the present time (around thirty years after William and Logan came)

The First Timeline

In this timeline, the park is still in construction; only the first generation of the hosts is existent which include Dolores and Teddy.

At this point Arnold, who is the human version of Bernard and Ford’s partner, is still alive. After the death of his son, Arnold is dedicated to this new project. In this timeline, we see Arnold first creating Dolores then talking with her and encouraging her to reach consciousness. When Dolores finally discovers the secret of the maze, Arnold realizes that the hosts are in fact capable of reaching consciousness and thus he must shut down park. After he and Ford disagree on this point, Arnold must take serious decision and thus decides to make Dolores, with the help of Teddy, kill every host then shoot Teddy, Arnold and herself. This was done by uploading the narrative of Wyatt into Dolores. This massacre almost resulted in closing the park but Ford managed to cover up the host’s consciousness in order to keep the park open.

The Second Timeline

The second timeline begins when two friends Logan and William (that we first see in episode 2) join WestWorld. At this point Dolores and Teddy were given different narratives. Dolores is a happy girl living in a farm and Teddy is her bounty hunter lover. But when William comes in the park, he interrupts this loop and takes Dolores with him on a journey. All the scenes with Dolores and young William are happening in this timeline. At the end of this timeline William is transformed into this dark bad man and thus became the man in black.

Something else we see in this timeline is the picture of William’s fiancé /Logan’s sister that falls from Williams’s bag and that we know Dolores’ father discovers later on.

Also, Arnold is long forgotten and Westworld is only associated with one name Dr Robert Ford. So in order to help him in his next mission, Ford secretly creates Arnold‘s doppelganger Bernard Low.

The Third Timeline

The third timeline represent the present day. This is where the Man in Black (older version of William) returns to Westworld after the tragic suicide of his wife. He discovers after Maeve attacked him (although she is programmed not to) that the hosts are actually regaining consciousness. So all the event following the Man in Black, are happening in the present time.

Meanwhile Dolores is reliving the journey that she had with William (30 years earlier). But this time she is living it alone. That’s why when we follow the story of Dolores with William we see her in different clothing (blue dress) but with no one around her.

All of the actions related to Theresa, Elsie, Charlotte and Bernard are happening in this timeline as well. Maeve reaching consciousness is also happening in this timeline.

The last event in this timeline is Dolores killing ford then attacking everyone with the other hosts. We discover that this was all part Ford’s strategy. He was executing Arnold’s plan. He was setting the hosts free and killing anyone who wanted the opposite including Theresa, Elsie, and Charlotte

I hope that this was helpful. I will admit that Westworld is one of the most complicated series to understand and to review but I really liked filling in the blanks when I was watching this show, seeing theories come to life and questions find their answers. And since next season is happening in more than a year from now I think that this is the perfect time to watch and rewatch this piece of art and try to guess what is going to happen in the next seasons.

A couple clues were dropped in the finale revealing the existence of other worlds next to Westworld. We see in the paper that Felix gives to Maeve(picture below) that the Westworld is called park 1 , so there must be park 2 and park 3… we also did get to see a room with samurais in it . This is maybe one of these other parks.

So it is clear that there is room for expansion in this show .Let s hope that the next season is going to be a tremendous as this first one. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comment below.

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